NoKShop's "Cashback" Program

NoKShop's "Cashback" Program

What is NoKShop's cashback program, how does it work and how can you make the most out of it?


As you can see by the name of the program you get cash back. Using this program you get back part of the money spent on orders.

This new service wants to reward their customers for choosing to buy online and the new lifestyle that us as consumers are adopting, to encourage the consumption while saving at the same time.

Even though some companies offer a point system, discounts on products, or even purchase accumulation, there are only a few supermarket cards that offer something similar to this program. At NoKShop, the "Cashback" represents a reward for your purchases, it's a fidelity program where you get a percentage of the total order to use later or to give someone.


How does the program work

All you need to do to acess this program is create an account on nokshop.pt/en, filling the fields requested. From that moment on, you have got a "Cashback" account, you will receive and manage your rewards that you get for buying products on our store.

When you make a purchase you are informed about the ammount you are about to receive, and the ammount you have available, leaving you the choice to accumulate more rewards or use them. You the rewards you get you can also create a voucher and gift it to someone, choosing the ammount you want to use. Even though you can gift that voucher you can also choose to utilize it yourself.

Associated with this program, NoKShop also has two other programs to offer their clients, "NoK Friends" and "NoK Seller" that gives rewards by offering our products and campaigns to your friends and conctact list, making it possible to get rewarded for your friends purchases or by selling the products yourself.

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