We are NoK Shop, not an online store.

Everything goes back to 1994, when buying some Jeans in Portugal was an arduous task.

We started by calling ourselves KommeNoi, which meant like us (like our clothes, our style, our way), inaugurating a multi-brand space, where we sold imported sportswear brands, from Levi´s to Diesel, from Replay to Calvin Klein, among many others.

Many projects and many businesses have emerged that have led us to assert ourselves as A Loja das Gangas, or A Loja das Marcas, also ending up opening several units and developing its own concept of fashion accessories.

It was at this time of expansion, in 2001, that the former KommeNoi decided to host its business in ALENTEJO, in Elvas, privileging this region with jobs and helping in the development of the interior of the country.

An innovative, modern concept, which followed the trends of the best that was done in Europe and in the World. Other brands were introduced (Trussardi, Armani, Ralph Lauren) but the bet became National brands. It was at that time that Salsa, Tiffosi and other Portuguese brands began to open the horizon for National Jeans, and we followed the trend.

The 2008 crisis forced us to rethink the strategy and we chose to dedicate ourselves to the National product, lower the average price per piece (looking for products of equal quality at a lower price) and reformulate the concept branding.

A Loja was born, belonging to a more comprehensive concept that is A Casa Portuguesa. From that moment, we removed the strength of the name of the space to attribute it to the brands and products marketed.

The store changed its strategy, defined itself as a specialist in Jeans (Women and Men), in addition to offering all the other pieces necessary for an urban, sophisticated and cosmopolitan “Look”. But the bet was also on what we called “Life Style” products, which at bottom are nothing more than the ideal pieces for a current and very individualized lifestyle, with strong roots in Family, Love and Friendship. The challenge was to transpose these principles to our products and get them to send a positive and encouraging message to our Customer.

The NoK Shop is the online concept. Not underestimating the "mother" concept but presenting a more comprehensive posture, which is able to be competitive in the national and international market.

These are Us, NoK Shop, The Online Store.